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Types of Acne

Clearogen Acne Treatment System

In women, acne can start around puberty and last throughout adulthood. At all times, acne is related to hormonal fluctuations in the body and, during adulthood, adult hormonal acne is mainly associated with the menstrual cycles.

Acne Lesions

Comedo (whiteheads or blackheads): The comedo is the basic acne lesion, which is a plugged pore and most common acne solution treatment. If the clogged pore stays under the skin, it’s called a closed comedo and forms a white bump or whitehead. Blackheads are comedos that open up and appear blackish on the surface of the skin. This black color is not due to dirt, but due to the reaction of oxygen with the excess oil.

Papule: Papules are red bumps on the skin that occur once a comedo becomes inflamed. They are usually tender.

Pustules or pimples: Pustules or pimples are acne lesions that contain pus and are red at the base.

Nodule:. These are more serious acne lesions. They lodge deeper in the skin, are painful, and can cause scarring.

Cysts: Like nodules, these lesions are deep within in the skin, painful, filled with pus and can cause scarring

Depending on the type of acne, PCOS acne treatment or hormonal acne treatment for women can be very effective.

Teenage Acne

When hormones start surging in the body during puberty, about 90% of teenagers begin to develop acne. Testosterone is one of the main hormones involved in puberty, in both sexes, and its conversion to DHT is linked directly to the acne condition. Excessive oil production within the pores of the skin is caused by high levels of DHT from elevated testosterone levels. This excessive oil leads to clogging of the pores and comedos, which, in turn, leads to papules, pustules, nodules and, eventually, cysts.

Reducing DHT is the most important step in teenage acne treatment and solutions. Other women’s acne products open the pores and kill the bacteria but do nothing to address DHT, which is the underlying cause of acne. As the first acne product on the market that focuses on the root cause of acne, Clearogen lowers DHT production to normalize skin’s oil production, clear existing blemishes and fight future breakouts.

If steps are not taken to treat teen hormonal acne, it can result in permanent scarring. Therefore, it’s extremely important to use a comprehensive acne treatment, as soon as its signs appear. Clearogen is proven safe and effective in teenage acne treatment. It gently clears the existing acne and helps prevent future breakouts.

Adult Acne

Nearly half of all adult women experience mild to moderate acne, for which they will use various adult acne solution treatments, with mixed results.

Unbalanced hormone production during the menstrual cycle causes adult acne in women. Blemishes can occur before, during, or after menstruation, causing painful lesions along the jaw line, cheeks or chin. This is sometimes referred to as menstrual acne.

Many women state that they never suffered from acne in their teenage years, but in their 30s or 40s develop acne for the first time. This is due to hormone changes in women during each decade of their life and, at times, due to starting or stopping birth control pills.
Clearogen acne treatment works for adult acne by using natural ingredients, proven to reduce high levels of the acne-causing DHT and normalizing oil production. It also incorporates proven acne medications, to clear the existing acne and prevent future outbreaks. Clearogen is the most effective way to treat adult female acne, without the need for adding hormones or birth control.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Polycystic Ovarian Disease

There is a high proportion of women who suffer from acne during their menstrual cycle, while having menstrual cramping and bloating, along with acne, excessive hair loss on the scalp and/or excessive hair growth on the face and body (hirsuitism). These women suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disorder (PCOS/PCOD). As the name implies, there are many cysts surrounding the ovaries that are responsible for abnormal hormone production throughout the body. While this condition should be treated by their gynecologist, with either birth control or spironolactone/Aldactone or cyperoterone acetate/Diane 35, Clearogen can be an additional PCOD acne treatment.

Women with PCOD will greatly benefit from using Clearogen, as high DHT levels are responsible for all of their acne breakouts.

Natural ingredients that deliver results
Clearogen’s natural ingredients were selected because they have been scientifically proven to block DHT more effectively than synthetic ingredients without side effects.

Try Clearogen risk-free with our acne treatment starter kit, covered by our 60-day money back guarantee, and change the future of your skin today!


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