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Ask A Dermatologist

Acne and Clearogen related questions answered directly by Dermatologists
These are real questions, asked by people suffering with acne.
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Clearogen is safe and effective

Q. Is Clearogen FDA Approved?

Answer: Clearogen is an over the counter FDA approved acne treatment.

Q. Is Clearogen safe for Type 1 diabetics to use?

Answer: Clearogen is completely safe for diabetes. Clearogen is a topical treatment and has no systemic side effects.

Q. Are there any animal based ingredients in Clearogen?

Answer: No. All of our products are completely vegan. Clearogen is the first acne treatment of its kind that uses scientifically proven natural ingredients to address the hormonal cause of acne and disrupt the first step in the formation fo acne; excessive oil production by the sebaceous glands.

Q. Are Clearogen products tested on animals?

Answer: Clearogen is not and will not be tested on animals (just willing humans).

Q. I’ve been using Clearogen for approximately 12 days and I have two new pimples! Is this normal? I thought the natural ingredients were supposed to control breakouts.

Answer: It takes about 30 days for the product to show its full affect. The natural ingredients in Clearogen block DHT to break the cycle of acne formation. However, it takes a month to reduce and regulate oil production. Within the first few weeks of use, you may experience small breakouts like you’ve described. Any pimples that surface in that time were likely developing under your skin prior to treatment starting.

Q. Most testimonials and photos seem to be of people under 40. Does Clearogen work for older adults?

Answer: The cause of hormonal acne is the same regardless of age. Your hormones cause oil glands to produce an overabundance of oil, leading to clogged pores (blackheads and whiteheads) which can become infected and result in acne lesions. Since Clearogen addresses the hormonal cause of acne (DHT), it works for people at any age.

Using Clearogen with Makeup

Q. What do you recommend as an acne-friendly makeup?

Answer: Mineral makeups are generally the best to use on acne-prone skin.

Q. Can I apply makeup after using Clearogen?

Answer: Yes, you can apply makeup after using Clearogen in the morning. Make sure the Clearogen product is completely dry before you apply foundation or powder. Be sure to remove makeup at night. If you use your Clearogen Foaming Cleanser in the morning, then we suggest a gentle face wash like Cetaphil in the evening.

Q. I wear eye makeup that I wash off at night. Can I use the kit nightly instead of daily?

Answer: You may use Clearogen only at night, but you must use all three steps together. Another option would be to split the steps between morning and evening, using the Foaming Cleanser before you apply your eye makeup and then using a gentle face wash like Cetaphil in the evening to remove the makeup.

Frequency of Use

Q. Since you recommend using Clearogen only once daily, can you suggest any type of products to use or avoid while using Clearogen?

Answer: You can use any other skin care product you like during the day except other acne treatments. Products that include Retinoids should not be applied the same day as Clearogen, so the two must be alternated. We recommend Cetaphil and Cerave as excellent products to supplement your Clearogen routine.

Q. Why is Clearogen only supposed to be used once a day? If the DHT blocker is in the lotion, wouldn’t it work better if it was used twice a day to provide better coverage?

Answer: In our clinical trials, we tested once daily application and found Clearogen to be 95% effective. You may use each of the steps more than once daily but make sure that your skin does not become irritated from overuse.

Q. How much of the acne lotion should I use at a time? What are the effects if I use too much?

Answer: One full pump of the lotion should be enough for your whole face. Be cautious of using much more because it may cause irritation if you overdo it. If you are applying directly to pimples, just use the amount of lotion equivalent to the size of the pimple.

Q. I have found that using products with alcohol irritates my face, making my acne worse. I would like to try Clearogen but am afraid to use the toner. What do you recommend? Should I try it anyways or skip the toner or use a toner from a different brand?

Answer: You may use other toners while using Clearogen but the alcohol content in Clearogen Toner is not very high. Our Clarifying Toner also contains many soothing and moisturizing ingredients that balance the drying effect of the alcohol. You should not have any problems using our toner, though keep in mind, overuse of any toner can cause irritation.

Clearogen and Skin Sensitivity

Q. I have sensitive skin. I want to try this product but I’m afraid it will dry it out my skin. I’ve used many products, including Proactiv, without any result. Please help.

Answer: Clearogen uses Benzoyl Peroxide packaged in special delivery micro capsules that deliver the active ingredients to your skin at a very low rate and over time. This gradual delivery system prevents drying and works better to treat acne by constantly releasing the active ingredients throughout the day giving you a better coverage and results. As a result, Clearogen is much better tolerated in those with sensitive skin. We also have a sensitive skin formula acne lotion that uses mineral sulfur as an alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide. Some people, regardless of skin type, find that their acne responds better to sulfur based treatment.

Q. Does Clearogen cause sensitivity to the sun? Will I tan or burn more quickly where Clearogen has been applied?

Answer: Clearogen’s thousands of clients have not reported sun sensitivity after use, however Benzoyl Peroxide is known to cause skin to become sun sensitive in some people.

Clearogen and Other Acne Medications

Q. I recently did a PDT treatment because my acne wasn’t getting better. At the doctor’s office they gave a lotion for acne. Is it ok to use Clearogen instead? Also, is it ok to use two different products at morning and night?

Answer: You may use Clearogen and discontinue your PDT treatment. We would prefer that you use the Clearogen Cleanser and Toner in the AM and the Clearogen Lotion in the PM. This will prevent you from getting irritated. To control your dryness further you may use a moisturizing sunscreen in the AM.

Q. My son has developed cystic acne which has actually ulcerated on his chest. We are about to start a course of Accutane which I am extremely reluctant to do because of the side effects. How does your product compare with Accutane as far as results go for this type of acne?

Answer: Accutane is a good medication and it works. It permanently shrinks the oil glands so they won’t produce too much oil, get clogged and ultimately infected (otherwise known as the acne lesion). As you pointed out, it does have unwanted side effects that may affect your son. Clearogen is not a permanent treatment like Accutane, but it also reduces oil production - stopping acne from reoccurring as long as it is used. If you decide to use Clearogen, you should ask your doctor to also prescribe a short course of antibiotics to dry out the cysts.

Q. I have body acne. I’ve tried Proactiv, Retin, Differin and a ton of antibiotics. They help for a short period of time. It’s been almost 10 years now. What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Answer: All the medications you mentioned including Benzoyl Peroxide, which is great for clearing existing acne but fail over time. This is because they don’t address the actual cause of acne which are the hormones forcing your oil glands to produce excessive amounts of oil. The excess oil clogs the pores and builds up under the skin creating a great environment and food source for the bacteria that cause acne. Clearogen goes one step beyond traditional acne treatments and blocks the DHT hormones to normalize your skin’s oil production. By addressing the root cause of acne Clearogen stops the cycle of acne formation. If you have normal acne, Clearogen can work for you. If you have cysts and boils, you need another course of antibiotics to dry out the infection while using Clearogen to prevent new ones.

Q. My birth control pill is causing me to breakout. I have tried many things, but the acne will not go away. Please tell me what should I do. I’m about to just stop taking birth control.

Answer: You shouldn’t stop using your birth control pill without discussing it with your physician. Meanwhile, it is very apparent that the birth control you are using is not suitable for your skin. It is producing more androgens leading to acne. Tell your physician what you have experienced and ask him/her to prescribe another brand for you that has a lower androgenic index. Using Clearogen will combat your hormonal acne topically. The natural ingredients in Clearogen have been proven to reduce the production and block the attachment of androgens that cause acne, allowing your skin’s oil production to normalize preventing new acne from forming. The acne medications in Clearogen treats and clear existing acne breakouts.