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Using a Jade Roller or Gua Sha on Acne-prone Skin

Jade Rollers for Acne

Beauty trends come and go. But one wildly instagrammable accessory beloved by beauty influencers and celebs turns out to be more than a trend. Jade rollers are touted by the likes of Khloe Kardashian and Victoria Beckham as a magic wand for all skin problems, from aging to acne. Proponents claim that the rollers reduce muscle tensions in the face, drain toxins through the lymphatic system, calm irritated skin and help topical products absorb better.


This all may be well and good for puffiness or wrinkle prevention. But can jade rollers help clear up acne? This is where the discussion is less straight-forward.


There isn’t a clear connection between lymphatic drainage and acne. As we have shouted repeatedly from the rooftops here at Clearogen: ACNE IS CAUSED BY GENETICS AND HORMONES! And that’s pretty much it.

The lotion seems to keep my excessive face oil production at bay and keep my skin calm and less irritated. I went from terrible monthly hormone breakouts to none at all.

Rhianna W., Clearogen Customer

I went from terrible monthly hormone breakouts to none at all.

Rhianna W., Clearogen Customer

Soothing Acne-Prone Skin with Jade Rolling

But gentle rolling can be soothing. Since jade and quartz are cool to the touch, they can calm red, irritated skin that often coincides with acne. You can even store it in your fridge or freezer for that extra chill. This methodical rolling experience can be a pampering part of your daily routine if done correctly.


However, if you roll too aggressively, active pimples can rupture, leading to more inflammation and more breakouts. Also, because jade and quartz are porous, if you don’t clean the roller thoroughly after each use, it will become a bacteria-haven that multiplies blemishes quickly.


If you want to use a jade or quartz roller to treat your acne, use it as the final step of your routine. Dab your Clearogen Acne Lotion on your face, but don’t rub in fully. Grab your roller and gently roll up and down, then back and forth, massaging the Acne Lotion into your pores. Most importantly, wash your roller thoroughly with warm soap and water afterward. And never use a roller on a dirty face, which will only spread bacteria all over.


In summary, jade rollers are not miracle workers. But they may give a boost to skin’s appearance, not to mention you may simply enjoy the pleasant and relaxing self-care exercise. And who doesn’t want to roll with that?

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